Life of a Crofter: Growing Your Own (part 2)

The second in a series of four lambing updates from our very own Donald Morrison, crofter and Changeworker, in the village of Cross on Lewis. Donald’s updates began 15 March – see first post – and end 30 April.

2 April 2012

First Blackface lamb

Well. I’m able to show off some of my produce which is a bit of surprise. A reminder that nature has a mind of its own, here I was expecting my first lambs towards the end of this week when last Thursday a single Blackface lamb appeared (1), very healthy and now desperate for pals to gambol about with.

This was quickly followed by a set of slightly premature Texel lambs (2) – their mother had not looked well last week and so I had taken her into the barn where she lambed on Friday. I kept them inside until this morning.

The Texel twins

You can see from the photos that they were not too impressed with a damp Lewis morning.

After a quiet weekend a pair of Blackface twins appeared at the back of 6am this morning. They were about an hour old when I took their photo (3).

It should get a bit busier as the week progresses and the next two weeks should see a steady stream. I’ll keep you updated.

Hour-old Blackface twins



In Donald’s next update: three-quarters of the way through lambing and local radio lamb giveaways

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